dj x-rey goes his own way he is no longer a member of Billy Dee’s SOS radio….”it became like a hostage situation”


The controversy started with the planned protest march on the 11th of November for ST MAARTEN’S DAY. Basically Dj x-rey and “The Grassroots Crew” felt that the march was for the St Maartener. We St Maarteners are a minority in our own country, the crew had no issue if others chose to join in but it would be a ST MAARTEN MARCH. Billy Dee disagreed, and then all of a sudden certain members of the SOS staff felt that they couldn’t freely express themselves about how they felt, because THEIR MICROPHONES GOT CUT OFF, when they tried. One dj said that he felt like a ‘hostage’, unable to say how he felt as a patriotic St Maartener, because evidently it’s not Politically Correct, and whether it had to do with who sponsors Billy Dee’s radio and shows, remains to be seen.

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