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According to online sources, a large shipment of weapons and ammunition were stolen from the Harbor.

Could this be an explanation for the recent rise in gun violence.

When I wrote that Duncan was turning St Maarten into St Kitts, people were laughing/

Now they are mourning loved ones.

This reminds me of when I’m reading the paper, but it always begins St Kitts, Basseterre…another shoot out, another murder.

I wrote that Duncan was turning St Maarten into the new St Kitts, and people laughed.

Now, tell me what the difference is?

Oh Yeah, St Maarten is worse when it comes to shootings, and violent crimes than St Kitts right now,

and it’s been only a few months.

This pattern is continued, whenever a former colony gains any type of independence.

In Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, the same things happen when the colony pulls out, and leaves inept, corrupt individuals in power.

There is a vacuum. St Maarten has only been independent for a few months.

It’s not to late for St Maarten to turn itself around.

Where do you think St Maarten is headed?

To a good place? A better place? Ask yourself that time, the next time you have to pull out and iron your black funeral suit.


 Man shot in leg in daytime drive-by

The Polce and detectives were called to the scene in Dutch Quarter, where witnesses were reporting a shooting. On Thursday April 2oth, at around 3 in the afternoon. The victim pictured above had been shot twice in the leg.

The suspects according to police drove a grey Ford Expedition. A Ford expedition was later found on fire close the Oyster Pond, and detectives are now investigating the case as an arson.

Medics treated the victim on the scene and he was then transported to the St. Maarten Medical Center for further treatment. His wounds were not considered to be life threatening.

The perpetrator escaped successfully and had not been arrested up until press time. The police have launched their

above picture: Daily Herald


UPDATE: In the lastest on the Dutch Quarter drive by shooting, yesterday, that left one man injured.

The Detective Dept is now investigating the car that was used in the drive by.

A burning car was found in the vicinity of Oyster Pond, and is believed to be the one that was driven by

the suspects in the Drive by.

Police have seemed unable to figure out the sudden jump in violent crimes, involving guns.

Although the Police and Detective departments had resolved three of the murders, according to a press conference on Monday.

St Maarten is now getting almost daily reports of gangland violence.

The violence, has to be addressed.


What is St Maarten extradiction policies? Do we have any? If our prisons are overcrowded, why doesn’t our “new” government form extradiction treaties with the countries who commit the  most crime in St Maarten. Let’s be hones, there are more Jamaicans, Dominicanos and Guyanese then there are St Maarten prisoners. Rather than being in pursuit of the perfect hooker, maybe our dear “ministers”, might want to draw up a “reverse” extradiction treaties with these countries, meaning if a Jamaican commits a crime here, e.g a misdemeanor, then there would be an agreement that he will be deported, and serve time in a Jamaican jail. And when a St Maartener commits a crime in Jamaica, send him here. Combine Jamaica, Guyana and The Dominican Republic.  Then look at little St Maarten. How is 16sq mile St Maarten supposed to house all of those criminals from ALL of those countries.

The first place Caribbean criminals seem to run is St Maarten, because they can run from Dutch side to French, the police dept. and immigration are  understaffed. When immigration tries to do its job, government jumps all over immigration, and criticizes them…


Because Immigration deports prostitutes too, and our government has a hooker habit, and can’t have that!

If immigration was only deporting men, our government would have NO problem with it.

But when you have Dominicanas strutting into the government buillding with their heads high, knowing that their BJ skills, will secure the proper documentation, then you know that your government has a penchant for prostitutes.

Part of the issue with illegals, is that many of the women from these countries perform sexual favors for anything, and that’s a fact.

There are many hardworking Domincanas, Jamaicans and Guyanese here, and they stay far away from the 5 dollar per head girls.

I have many respectable Jamaican and Dominicana women who tell me that they are so ashamed of what their women are doing, that they deny their citizenship, and refuse to be seen with anyone from their country, because they don’t want to be accused of prostitution.

 We are overcrowded, and their are no beds at the hospital, but the top purveyor of punash in St Maarten, Frankie Meyers couldn’t care less, not when his and his family whorehouses bring in over 10.000 American dollars per night each!

Not once since 10-10-10 has these idiots like Duncan and Meyers once sat down with the media and explain how they are going to alleviate the overcrowding, work on the illegal immigrant issue etc..

Duncan’s plan was a scam called BTA, where the government fleeced and downright ROBBED many foreigners of their hard earned money, and gave them false BTA stamps.

That’s what going on right now with Pascal Beltran. Born on the French Side, but has his Dominicano passport and rights. Then Santo Domingo needs to take him back.

But when Duncan and the boys are in Santo Domingo, they are lining up hookers, and checking out guns, so they have no time to sit down and negotiate reverse treaties, extradiction pacts between countries etc. etc.etc.

St Maarten wouldn’t have an illegal and overcrowding problem, if your people in government were not so obsessed with these foreign prostitutes.

Seeing that you fleece money from your Per Diem anyway Duncan, why don’t you use your “per diems”, to head on over to San Pedro de Macori, where you are most comfortable, and do your “Minister of Justice ” work from there.

It’s a win-win situation.

You get to keep all of  your hookers (and all that they bring with them)…………………in Santo Domingo.

And also do your part in reducing the overcrowding in St Maarten….by not importing approx. 300 new prostitute every 4 months.